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ENGIE Fabricom at Tube 2018 in Düsseldorf

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April 16 marks the start in Düsseldorf of Tube, a biennial trade show and the world's largest professional event for the tube industry. As a specialist in the business, ENGIE Fabricom had to be there!

ENGIE Fabricom can boast more than 45 years of experience in the development and production of induction processes to bend tubes and pipes. It all happens at the company's workshop in Grimbergen, where six to ten thousand pipe bends are produced every year. On the site, 85 staff work in a three-shift system, round the clock and five days a week, to produce high-quality bent tubes and pipe spools. 

Bending Challenges into Solutions
At its workshop in Grimbergen, ENGIE Fabricom Bending has infrastructure that includes three induction bending machines, three ovens for post-bending heat treatment, as well as various saws and boring machines. This allows the experts to handle the entire production process, including any welding work that might be needed as an extra service. “Our biggest challenge is that we want - and need - to be the best in terms of finding the right solutions to our customers' problems”, says Jean-Marie De Bot, Sales Manager Bending at ENGIE Fabricom. “Not only for the most common jobs, but especially for more complex orders. This is one of our strengths, in part because we have three production lines in-house for the entire range of sizes. That is definitely one of our assets in a market that is not so easy. Our slogan - Bending Challenges into Solutions - can really be taken literally.

World summit
What we produce is sold mainly to oil and gas companies around the world, but mainly in the Far East and Middle East because that's where demand is strong. id-April many of those customers come to Düsseldorf for Tube, the leading show for tubes and pipes. “This is the only show we do with the Bending unit”, concludes Jean-Marie De Bot. “It provides a unique opportunity to meet with our customers and agents. We'll be there with our sales team for five days.”